Content Creation

We make your story resonate with your audience

Did you know that we retain 70% of the information they hear through stories, but only 10% from data and statistics?

Storytelling is a powerful human experience that forms strong and deep connections. It has always been used to communicate, educate, share and connect.

Writers at heart, we know how to craft creative, high-quality and appealing content to tell stories that resonate with your audience, while aligning with your business goals. Combined with our strong digital marketing proficiency, our content allows you to boost your online presence and helps drive better business results.

– Business content –

Press releases, educational articles, technical articles, expert opinions, case studies, testimonials…: we create specialized, industry-focused content to address the intricate topics relevant to your business and to share your expertise and know-how with your sector-specific audience.

– Website content –

From corporate websites to e-commerce platforms and landing pages, we produce accurate, appealing and engaging online content, while leveraging SEO best practices, to improve both your customer experience and search ranking.

– Blog posts –

We provide your business with a significant voice, through business-focused and tailored content exclusively written for your blog. We gain a better understanding of your audience by studying it for the purpose of delivering compelling messages on predefined strategic topics, always with SEO in mind.

– eBooks –

You are an expert in your field, and we help you to show off your expertise! We mobilize our writing proficiency and industry expertise to provide your audience with specific expert content assets, in a simple, accessible and readable format.

– White Papers –

Long-form contents such as the content in white papers is a key asset for reaching highly qualified audiences. We combine briefings on specific subjects with industry interviews and in-depth research to produce quality, comprehensive and value-added content.

– Newsletters –

We help you keep your customers and prospects informed and engaged, by providing them with the latest updates on your business and service offerings, through crafted newsletters and email campaigns. Each newsletter and email asset is created with your target audience in mind, to deliver the content the most likely to drive web traffic and encourage conversions.

– Social Media –

We know how to create the most impactful content for you to share on social platforms! We help you craft the best message to go with your shared content, making it more appealing for your audience and generating more engagement.

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