Content Strategy

A content strategy tailored to your own business goals

92% of marketers say that their organization views content as a business asset. Content marketing appears to be one of the most productive value-added marketing methods for reaching a wider audience and converting more customers.

And, as you have your own products, values, background and goals, your content marketing strategy should be singular and distinctive, tailored to your needs and scaled with your business. You are unique, and so is our approach!

We work hand in hand with your team to identify your brand’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to build a content marketing strategy that addresses your challenges and allows you to engage in a genuine and fruitful relationship with your audience.

From auditing your existing content assets to delivering customized, actionable and measurable strategic recommendations, we help you develop and maximize your online business presence, and we support your commercial goals across all relevant channels.

 – Content Audit –

How does your existing content perform? We provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current online presence (website, social media, email marketing, etc.) and assess its potential for improvement. This allows you to put things into perspective and to be guided with new insights to move forward.

– Content Strategy Development –

Based on an analysis of your existing content strategy and assets, and those of your competitors, and using our knowledge of your business as well as the latest digital marketing trends, we deliver a customized, actionable and measurable strategic recommendations, with the aim of maximizing your online presence through relevant content, on relevant channels and for a relevant audience.

– Email Marketing –

Email is not outdated! It’s even one the most effective distribution platforms within the B2B markets, driving more web traffic and conversions.
From product launches to event promotions, via brand awareness and updates, we create, design and manage your newsletters and email campaigns to provide your customers and prospects with the most engaging content.

– Social Media Marketing –

Ensure that your audience hears you loud and clear, through a fine-tuned social media strategy that connects you with the right audience on the right platforms!
We help you create an ecosystem of engagement through a full social media management service, designed to boost your online presence, improve your reach and increase your conversions. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… we carefully monitor each platform and each new trend so that we can proactively adjust our strategy and always provide your fans and followers with an engaging and lead nurturing content.

Let’s get started!