French Content

We help you reach out to your Francophone audience

Did you know that French is spoken by almost 275 million people around the world, and by 7.5 million throughout Canada? These are all potential customers, and you don’t want to miss them!

As French-speaking professionals based in Canada, we offer the opportunity to expand your audience to Francophone markets, as well as to comply with Canadian bilingualism requirements, through French content creation and management services.

From translations to original pieces of writing, we produce a variety of content assets specifically crafted for French-speaking audiences.

– Content Translation –

More than “translation”, we provide “localization”, which requires a strong business expertise to ensure that your original material is accurately understood and rendered in French. This is especially important when it comes to intricate business content, as the risk of misinterpretation may significantly affect your business results.

– Content Creation –

From business content to websites, blog posts, eBooks and newsletters, we provide you with outstanding content in French, using the right wording and cultural references to meet the specific expectations of Francophone markets.

– Content Promotion –

If your content is in French, your social media postings and email campaigns should be too! We help you keep your Francophone customers and prospects informed with the latest updates on your business, and assist you to increase their engagement with your brand through appealing conversion-focused content.

En français, please!